Custom Book Cover Design

Every book deserves a great cover - so let's make one for yours!

I am a freelance book cover designer with a passion for reading, writing, and indie publishing. As a writer and prospective self-publisher myself, I understand the difficult process of getting your story out to the world, and the struggle to find affordable, quality cover design services.

I am currently transitioning from premade covers to commission work, and I would love the opportunity to work on your book!

Custom Book Covers


Custom eBook cover design starts at $100. Complicated covers may go up to $200. Back designs for print covers are an additional 50% of the eBook cost ($50-$100).


Because I don't request payment until the final cover is ready, I don't accept refunds except in special circumstances. You are welcome to back out at any time before the cover is finished.


Contact me at to get started! Any cover ideas/sketches, book blurbs, fonts, color schemes, and preexisting images are welcome. Feel free to be as specific or vague as you like :)

I'll give you a quote and get started. I request payment (Venmo/PayPal) when the cover is finished and you've approved it.


Source files, 3D mockup, text-free cover - free! Just let me know you want them!

Website banner, sticker, bookmark, social media promo, poster, t-shirt design - $50 each

Let me know if you have something different in mind - I love working on extra things!

Series and Matching Covers

I do covers for series as well; the same pricing applies. I'm also willing to match cover styles from other designers to the best of my ability.


Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at I try to answer all emails within 24 hours.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding the copyright of your cover, the fonts, or the images used. I'm not a lawyer but I'll do my best to address any concerns or questions you may have. I do my best to ensure that every part of a cover is completely legal to use on your book.

Unless you ask to keep your cover private, I reserve the right to display it as part of my portfolio :)